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We are constantly striving to provided more products and services you need and want!  Please visit or call our shop for infomation & advice.  we are NOW providing "Super Tuning" Services  for your hunting & target bows.  You can ship your bow (with arrows you currently use).  The process has about  a 3-5 day turn around.  we provide phone consultation to you wit the service...after you receive your bow because the most important step in tuning is "tuning the archer" after the equipment is tuned.  We also do this by video please call for individual & specific details.  This service costs between $99 and $199 (averaging $150) plus any parts, depending on what needs to be done.  We guarrantee your bow setup will shoot better and will send you actual targets of arrows shot with your bow with the advanced level of tuning.


These bows are among the best in the world! Faster, smooth & quiet!